About BungyPump

Training with BungyPump activates approx. 90% of the body’s muscles and gives up to 77% increased calorie consumption compared to regular walking. BungyPump trains fitness and strength at the same time, but is also very soft and gentle on shoulders and elbows. The training poles can be used by everyone regardless of age, fitness level or gender.

When training with BungyPump you combine walking together with strength, coordination, endurance and stretching exercises. This type of training targets both the upper and lower part of the body, which results in most of the body’s muscles being activated and gives increased calorie consumption compared to walking. BungyPump creates a workout for everyone who wants to improve their fitness and build a stronger and more flexible body.

BungyPump is one of the most successful fitness products on the Swedish market today. BungyPump appeals to everyone’s needs and has proven to be extremely popular with all ages and fitness levels, and has managed to capture the imagination of those who don’t usually participate in regular exercise.


BungyPump training poles have succeeded in breaking down the comparison with Nordic Walking and proven to be a multifunctional training equipment suitable for much more than just walking. It appeals to everyone’s needs whether they are rehabilitation, regular exercise, more intense strength training or weight loss, and are also great for use in both outdoor and indoor settings.

When doing the strength exercises, utilize the unique suspension system by pressing down the pole to the ground, for example in leg exercises this activates the torso muscles in a very efficient way.

Utilize the unique suspension system by pressing down/compressing the pole and holding it, for example in arm and torso exercises this activates and adds more load to the exercise.